SentrySafe HL100ES Hotel Safe

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The SentrySafe HL100ES provides the ultimate flexibility with a reprogrammable electronic lock that allows users the option of a keypad or card swipe entry.  The safe is large enough to fit a laptop computer but can be conveniently stored in a private location such as a closet floor.  An interior LED light makes searching for important valuables and documents quick and easy.  Ideal for hotel and tenant environments, the safe's solid steel constuction, pry-resistant door and 2 live-locking bolts help protect against unauthorized access.

Card Access Lock
Choose between card swipe entry and a digital keypad for flexible access to your valuables

Override Key
Ensures you always have access to your important documents and valuables

Steel Construction
Steel construction for durable and reliable protection

2 Live-Locking Bolts
2 Live-Locking bolts provide advanced protection against theft

Bolt down Hardware (Included)
Bolt down hardware (included) to ensure thieves cannot remove the safe from your home or office

Carpeted Interior
Carpeted interior prevents scratching to electronics and other valuables