Elecom HCT-P01BU1 Eclear Lean EMS

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Household use EMS apparatus "ECLEAR LEAN" which only puts, and tightens muscle, and tightens 

muscle of each part such as waist or thigh by four original programs that make flexible body thin, and put 

medium frequency and low frequency together of woman effectively.


- By electrical stimulation that combined low frequency with medium frequency,high tightens exercise of muscle effect effectively

- Able to have 15 different setting of strength

- It is super lightweight (20 g) compact Dimensions (48mm) 

- During use, we cope with push and hold of operation button or emergency shut down function that can 

switch off by removing the body from gel pad when we want to stop.

- It is equipped with automatic off timer to be cut off in 15 minutes once.

- Washable in water, and approximately 300 times of repetition is available

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery:

Charge time: Approximately 2.5 hours

Continuous operating: More than 90 minutes (in Charge)

Timer Approximately: 15 minutes

Depths frequency: 2,000Hz - 5,000Hz

Relaxation frequency: 20Hz - 30Hz

The number of the modes: 4

Dimensions (only as for the body): About φ 48mm X D16mm

Weight (only as for the body): Approximately 20 g

Color: < Blue > < Pink >

Contents: Body X 1, core pad X 1, seat X 1 for storage, exclusive USB cable X 1, storing porch X 1, Manual 

(guarantee memo) X 1, exercise book X 1

Adaptation gel pad: HCT-P01G1, HCT-P01G2

Term of a guarantee: One year